Staying at Home with DJS: 002 - Melé - UN:IK Clothing

Staying at Home with DJS: 002 - Melé



Our next instalment, comes with Club Bad head honcho Melé who we’ve been lucky to collaborate with for the last year. Bringing the fun to the garments on our store, parties in Liverpool and then his own production of percussion strong bangers, Scouser Krissy gives us an insight into his isolation station!

1. Straight into it then, whats keeping you most entertained during lockdown?

Luckily being able to still go to studio and make music every day has been good. Apart from that, lots of Metal Gear Solid 5 and Fifa.

2. Have you dug up any new hobbies / interests?

Ive been getting back in touch with mixing vinyl properly. Im currently attempting a 3 deck vinyl mix and it was kinda like learning how to do DJ again at the beginning as it had been quite a while. Im there again now though!

3. Have you run the ‘5k’ yet?

Nope, i just pretend i haven’t seen things like that when i get nominated for them.

4. What do you miss most about DJ’ing?

I love the travelling personally. Getting on a plane and going somewhere new to play music is really exciting to me. So I’m missing that a lot.

5. Tell us about any music you’ve been making? Any creative depths you’ve found yourself reaching?

Been quite hard to make music at the moment to be honest! I usually make music specifically for gigs and that’s how ive wrote over the past few years. So now the gigs arrant there at the moment I’m finding myself writing weirder, not really club music, which is a good thing in some respects.

6. What tunes have been on the record player to get you through this?

Special Request, Jay Z, The Alchemist, Snoop Dogg’s album Bush. loads of different things as per

7. What’s you go to lockdown food?

My nan got me one of those Air Fryers for Christmas so that’s been getting rinsed. Buffalo Chicken Wings all the way.

8. What’s your go to lockdown outfit?

A T shirt way to big for me and Club Bad tracksuit pants. What i wear most days anyway TBF.

9. Who has been sending you some bangers during this?

Me and Eats Everything are always sending each other things every day, and he’s sent me some absolute slammers. Bontan too he’s been on a roll this past few weeks.

10. First thing you’re going to do after lockdown?


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