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Staying at Home with DJS: 003 - Lauren Lo Sung - UN:IK Clothing

Staying at Home with DJS: 003 - Lauren Lo Sung



1. Straight into it then, whats keeping you most entertained during lockdown? 

Cooking - I've always loved to cook everyday, but now I feel like I'm being more experimental and trying new dishes due to more time on my hands. I've been cooking a roast every Sunday- I'm usually away or travelling back from shows on Sundays so it's pretty weird having the time to myself.

2. Have you dug up any new hobbies / interests? 

I bought myself a bike recently, I tried for months to get one and finally got lucky last week so I've been out on it everyday in the gorgeous sunshine. It's a great time to ride a bike with the roads being so quiet.

3. Have you run the ‘5k’ yet? 

Yes- I did mine a month or so ago, Sian and I have been running quite a lot, I hate running to be honest- I would rather play footy or go on my bike, so I'll stick to the bike for now!

4. What do you miss most about DJ’ing? 

Just playing music, expressing myself through the music and making others dance- that's what I miss the most. I never thought I would say it but I miss those long days of travelling and airports (maybe not the travelling part) but I miss getting to a new destination and that buzz to play a new club in a different city or country.  

5. Tell us about any music you’ve been making? Any creative depths you’ve found yourself reaching? 

I've recently made a track for an NHS compilation which is out on 6th June, ft. Chemical Bros, Jamie Jones, Archie Hmilton and loads of others- called 'Lucid Dream'- I've been having a lot of crazy lucid dreams lately and I read a lot of people have too due to what's going on, so thought the name was fitting! I've also been finishing an EP for LOLiFE which will be out in a couple of months- my Momentum EP with a remix from East End Dubs. I'm about to start work on a remix for Darius' label Moxy music too. It's strange not being able to test my music out in a club, but I just try and test it out on as many sound systems as possible- my car, AirPods, studio monitors, iPhone speakers- to make sure the mix has enough punch.

6. What tunes have been on the record player to get you through this? 

All sorts. I've been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, The XX, Mr. FIngers, Frankie Knuckles- loads of 90s house classics, hip-hop, jazz-hop- just whatever I'm in the mood for.

7. What’s you go to lockdown food? 

I make a lot of pasta, I've also been making fresh pizzas a lot and making my own dough for them- it's pretty addictive once you start doing it- I always make around 4 pizzas and give them out to my neighbours - they seem to like them too! haha.

8. What’s your go to lockdown outfit? 

Active wear, trackies, trainers, sometimes a cap. I dress like a bit of a scal sometimes but I love it, being comfy is no1 for me! haha.

9. Who has been sending you some bangers during this? 

I've not had as much music sent to me as usual, probably because I'm not doing apart from the odd live stream! I've just received KOKO's new EP from Fuse's new sister label 'Locus' and it's probably one of the best EPs I've heard in a while- been playing them for a while too and they go off, so check that one out. We've also recently announced a remix competition for e1even records so I've been reading through and listening to loads of tracks everyday for that. 

10. First thing you’re going to do after lockdown?

Get my decks out and have a party in ours with all my mates- then DJ asap in a club so I can play all my new tunes. Will be soon I hope!! 

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