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Staying at Home With DJs: 001 - Latmun - UN:IK Clothing

Staying at Home With DJs: 001 - Latmun



Our first of a special set of blog posts. Delving into the DJs who have supported us and we’ve partied with over the years. Like many, in so many industries, the devastating effects of their passion and career being ripped from under their feet.

A look at isolation and what is a polar opposite lifestyle to these guys. We start the blog series with house music producer and DJ Joe Bradley AKA Latmun.

0.1.Straight into it then, whats keeping you most entertained during lockdown? 

Might as well get straight too it, were all short of time during this period arnt we…  not! haha. Aside of exploring new studio ventures and experimenting with all my new found free time, I have been putting a lot of effort into cooking. Ive been trying to use ingredients that I haven’t cooked with before such as squid and baking with different flours such as spelt, its been fun!

0.2.Have you dug up any new hobbies / interests?

Walking haha, I think we all have but I’ve actually really got to like going for a daily walk and clearing the head! I fortunately live right near the river and a nature reserve, which while I have been living here I have definitely underused until this lockdown period. Its going to continue feature in my daily routine when lockdown finishes for sure.

0.3.Have you run the ‘5k’ yet? 

Almost.. but I can’t lie and say I have truly done it haha. The walk I do is around 5k and I can most of it one time, not because I was nominated, just because I wanted to see if I could do it! I picked a hot day so that’s my excuse why I didn’t do the whole way running ;) it also happens to be one of my least favourite forms of activity haha.

0.4.What do you miss most about DJ’ing? 

The atmosphere more than anything, that buzz that you can just feel in the air of the whole crowd being unified by the music, I even miss the smell of red stripe and sweaty club in the air! That buzz is going to be electric when we all get to enjoy it again.

0.5.Tell us about any music you’ve been making? Any creative depths you’ve found yourself reaching? 

I have been exploring some new styles and have really enjoyed making some more deeper minimal stuff and putting melodic elements into my tracks which I don’t usually do! I can’t say if I’m going to put any out yet, it all depends on how they work when I test them in the club. Thats the hard thing about writing music during this period, you can have a good idea of it will work or not, but you can’t be sure till it gets properly tested in a venue.

0.6.What tunes have been on the record player to get you through this? 

The thing I’ve listened to the most is probably actually Martyn’s essential mix from 2012, it was the period where I first heavily got into dance music properly and it brings back a lot of amazing memories from that time and is a real reflection of the music I was into at that moment, so ive been enjoying the nostalgia!

0.7. What’s your go to lockdown food?

Home made Neapolitan pizzas, I must have made and eaten about 20 at least haha.

0.8.What’s your go to lockdown outfit? 

Well its tough because I wanna reach for the unik tees all the time but then wanna keep them fresh for when people are actually gonna see as well ;) haha. Ive been generally wearing various joggers and the comfiest hoodie I can find, like most people I assume!

0.9.Who has been sending you some bangers during this?

Rossi sends me a new collection pretty much weekly! Such good music coming from him at the moment, Ozzie Guven has also been sending me many great tracks.

0.10. First thing you’re going to do after lockdown? 

From doing a livestream in my Garden I had a realisation how great my garden is for a party with the perfect DJ booth and dance floor set up.. so a party at mine!


Latmun is wearing the unreleased new brand Seasonal Hero ‘Aspire’ Washed Lilac LS. Here’s what he think’s of it…


Due for release later this month! In the meantime…


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