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Staying at Home With DJs: 004 - Danny Howard - UN:IK Clothing

Staying at Home With DJs: 004 - Danny Howard



As lock down eases, we maybe able to go out and about to our local zoo or park, however the clubs remain firmly shut…. Ibiza seems a mile off… Raves cannot breathe again yet, but they will soon. This means DJs still cannot resume reignite their passions of being in front of bopping heads and sweat dance floors.

Our next guest on this blog series though has been busy at work…. Radio Ones very own Danny Howard. A supporter of the brand for the last few years and it's fair to say he loves our tees as much as we love dance anthems!

1.     Straight into it then, whats keeping you most entertained during lockdown? 

Mainly my makeshift dining room studio set-up trying to make tunes! I’ve got to admit it’s been tough because without the club scene and getting out & about, catching a vibe or inspiration has been a challenge. However what I have managed to make I’m super happy with signed to some wicked labels like Moon Harbour, Sola and my own, Nothing Else Matters so keep an eye out…

2.     Have you dug up any new hobbies / interests?

I wish I could say I learnt to play the piano, wrote a book, baked a cake or became fluent Spanish but sadly, I can’t haha! 

I’ve got really good at FIFA so anytime you want a game, let me know and I’ll show you how it’s done. Apart from that I’ve put all my energy into my music and used the time to learn new techniques, brush up on my skills and progress as a producer.

3.     Have you run the ‘5k’ yet? 

It seemed everyone developed a thirst for a 5K run but soon disappeared right?! I did get into it and was doing 4 or 5 a week but as I discovered when I ran the London Marathon two years ago, I really hate running! So now I do HIIT home workouts, sprints and boxing (with a bag) which is much more interesting to me than steady state cardio. Respect to everyone that ran the 5k to raise money for charity & NHS.

4.     What do you miss most about DJ’ing? 

In no particular order:

-       Dancing

-       Bass rattling my bones

-       Smiles on faces

-       Nervous belly before the rave

-       Talking shit to strangers

-       Impromptu Tequila

5.     Tell us about any music you’ve been making? Any creative depths you’ve found yourself reaching? 

I’ve been making really raw house beats inspired by the legends of Chicago house like DJ Deeon, Paul Johnson, Felix Da Housecat etc… It’s super stripped back but super saturated and analog sounding. I wanted to make music that was all about the groove but with fun elements that make for a great party tune and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to play them out, when ever that will be!

6.     What tunes have been on the record player to get you through this? 

I’ve been lucky enough to still be doing my radio show live every week so my musical discovery has been the same as it’s always been, searching far & wide for the best new music in dance & electronic. But the one that is currently playing whilst I do this interview is ‘DJ Violette - Filled Pasta’. It’s a little disco banger and it will brighten up your day. I know nothing about DJ Violette other than it’s a ‘she’ and from France, she doesn’t even have social media! Enjoy.

7.     What’s you go to lockdown food?

Anything that you shouldn’t eat whilst in a lockdown with restrictions on actual movement! I got pretty fat at one point… I’ve promised myself a sculpted summer beach body for the last ten years and this was going to finally be THE year. Now on hold until 2021…(Again). Nice one Coronavirus 

8.     What’s your go to lockdown outfit? 

Simple trackie bottoms and Vice84 tee combo ;)

9.     Who has been sending you some bangers during this?

Eats Everything!! He must’ve sent me ‘something I just made today’ every week during lockdown haha. Not complaining though because they’re all sick so look out when this is all over, the big man got some bangers!

10.  First thing you’re going to do after lockdown? 

Honestly, drive straight back to Blackpool, get all the lads together, find a beer garden and sit there all day catching up. I’ve missed my friends & family so much during this because I’m down in London but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Fingers crossed! 

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