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Beers with Latmun... - UN:IK Clothing

Beers with Latmun...

(15th March 2018)

An interview with UK based DJ Latmun, before his debut at the world famous Warehouse Project Store Street venue in Manchester. A pillar of music culture in the city.

UC: Hey mate! Good to finally catch up after all this time and great for it to be your WHP debut! How excited are you?
JOE:The feeling is mutual, I knew we would get on great, it was fun to hang out! I’m mega excited.. too excited to express in writing haha. WHP is one of dream UK parties for anyone, I have attended countless times myself to experience the unique venue and electric atmosphere, so to be on the other side is a mementoes occasion for me.

UC: What are your past experiences there?
JOE: I just realised I pre-empted this question in my last answer! I have had many great (and sometimes messy) times in the Warehouse Project crowd, both at Store Street and previously at Victoria Warehouse. I think my favourite event I went to was in 2015, I can’t remember the exact party it was but Dusky were playing and they played ‘Inta’, which was one of my favourite tracks at the time, and is still one of those tracks that makes your hairs stand up on end. It was a very magical moment!

UC: How do you find playing to a Manchester crowd? 
JOE:I swear the more North you go the crazier people get haha, Manchester is pretty North so is crazy! The crowds there are always some of the most engaged in the country and always makes for a really memorable gig.

UC: It’s been a huge couple of years for you, what has changed and what do you think was a trigger for the success?
JOE:That is a very hard question to answer about yourself but I think I owe it to some key figures in the scene who helped me and I am very happy to have had supporting my music. Green Velvet played a big part of that by asking me to remix his classic flash and also taking me under his wing for some tours and a release on his label. Another thanks is to Lee Foss who has been a big supporter of almost all of my music. Skream also played a big part in breaking my track Def, where he played it in every set for quite some time!

UC: You’ve built your own unique sound in the industry with your productions, did that come naturally or did you sort of spot a gap and take it?
JOE: Thank you very much, it was an accident to be honest! I started like most people, by trying to copy other people’s music in order to understand the components and number of elements required to compose a complete professional sounding piece. During the process of doing this (unsuccessfully!) I kinda stumbled upon the sound you mention.

UC: Who would be your dream b2b?
JOE:It would probably have to be Jamie Jones B2B Marco Carola B2B Latmun, because their sounds are my two main influences and I like to hope that my sound, particularly the music I choose to play in sets takes elements from both!

UC: What’s in the pipeline going forward?
JOE: I have my Hot Creations release coming out on the 20th October, I’m very excited to share it with the world and hope you like it. I actually made the track last November so I’ve been waiting a long time to do so! I also have a remix coming out on Snatch before the end of the year, but can’t give anymore details on that one yet ;)

UC: Thanks for chatting over a beer, smash it tonight and for the rest of the residency, we’ll be there!
JOE: Thank you, I’ll meet you on the dancefloor after my set!

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