Our Story

Youthful Innovation.

A streetwear outlet born in 2014, bound by youthful innovation. 

Developed out of the depths of a torturing 9-5 job, with nothing but passion for streetwear and spotting a gap for a platform that develops, builds and showcases new independent brands for independent designers. From the ground up, from production, to a collective store to retail them exclusively.

Shipping across the globe, from the UK to Australia to the States and our popular customer base in Europe. 

Exclusive Designs.

Working with a collective of young independent designers, the outlet offers a diverse collective of streetwear brands that are exclusive only to the UN:IK outlet. Items are often strictly limited, to maintain a levels of exclusivity and originality.  

We thrive off building relationships on every level. From the design process for each brand, to being on dance-floors with our customers.

Independent Brands.

The UN:IK outlet currently showcases a number of exclusive independent brands on the store including BÄASVice 84, The Colour Collectivebound and Seasonal Hero. Along with our own label Essentials & collaborative concepts, driven by a passion for music, ACID LOVE & DISCO ONLY.

Music Culture.

Alongside this, we have collaborations with similar minded artists and labels, such as Melé with his Club Bad, Alex Virgo with his Pomme Frite and our longterm supporter and favourite in, Skream. You can watch our documentary filmed on your with him HERE

Join us, shop independent, support young design & culture.