SKREAM: Open To Close, how it came about... - UN:IK Clothing

SKREAM: Open To Close, how it came about...

A question we get asked a lot, "so, how did the Skream collab come about?"....

Well sadly, it's not the most interesting story to be honest but I'll start from the bottom... I've always been a massive fan of Skream, my first ever WHP was close to 10 years ago, Skream & Benga at Store St. Back then WHP was a different world, it wasn't as big, people were there really to get down & dirty to the music. So for that to be a first WHP, it always maintained a memorable and special experience for me. I loved Ollie's dubstep, as did anyone who had heard it really, along with Magnetic Man being the sound through my uni days. So in essence, I was a fanboy before UN:IK started if you like.

Then starts UN:IK and I drew up a list of artists I really wanted to get in the brand, Skream being one of them. It then went from a few twitter exchanges then to meeting properly at his 30th birthday in Brixton and then just partying! At the start I was a bit like 'woooah', but anyone who has met Ollie knows there is no front, no ego, and you can talk shit for days. I guess it was a like minded people coming together, we love what we do, he loves what he does, we don't take things too seriously and just wanna have a fucking good time! He's a friend who has helped us a lot, put trust in us and for that our appreciation has no measure. 



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